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Rico Dence
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Grow Deeper in Love
As part of my Justice of peace services,  I do offer marriage coaching. 

The marriage coaching stems from Biblical truths.  I encourage all couples to start praying:  God will you teach me how to love my partner in the way you want me too.   

After 18 months of marriage, attraction dies down, our goal in marriage coaching is to learn steps in putting your needs and acceptance above your own. It is learning how to be loving to your partner in a way that always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

It important to become aware of your own triggers that make you feel unwanted, or insecure, so that you are not putting your negative emotions into the relationship.  

A loving marriage is a wonderful marriage that will last a life time, it takes work to make this happen, and my goal is to coach you in how live a lasting marriage.     

​First half hour is free.  
Coaching Session are 75.00 an hour.

Call me to learn more: (860) 263-9046

I am not psychologist, or psychiatrist, or counselor, I am a life coach  
Married over 60 couples